Transcultural Storytelling and Disputed Memories

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In line with the transmedial/transcultural theme of our event, there will be a performance by Kurdish storyteller or Dengbej, Suna Alan who will sing tales from collective memories from ex-Ottoman minorities including Armenian, Kurdish and Sephardi. She will be accompanied by traditional musicians and introduced by ethnomusicologist Ed Emery. Dengbej, a tradition of expressing the history and struggle of its people, is shared by Armenians and played a vital role in transferring oral histories to new generations.

In dealing with repeated histories of conflicts and displacements, the roundtable discussion brings together representatives from Arab, Armenian, Kurdish and Sephardi communities in London to explore the importance of storytelling and oral history in recording and preserving the memories, perceptions, and voices of individuals and groups across cultures. Further discussion will focus on the development of creative modalities in articulating transcultural memories such as storytelling /oral history combined with social media and digital technologies to share these histories and engage the public with history and culture within our increasingly connected world.


2.00-3.00pm: Denbeg Performance by Suna Alan and musicians presented by ethnomusicologist
Ed Emery

3.00-3.30pm: Refreshments and networking

3.30-4.30pm: Roundtable discussion with Mehmet Aksoy (KCC, Kurdish representative), Bea
Lewkowicz (Sephardi Voices, UK), Aikaterini Gegisian (Visual Artist) and
Ruba Asfahani (Arab British Centre)



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