Alev Adil

Ottoman Legacies: Taking a green line for a walk

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In this 20 minute spoken word performance Alev Adil interacts with the audience and the art works in the exhibition in order to evoke a multitude of ghosts, the ghosts of myth, memory, technology and contested histories. The performance evokes memories of several derives Adil made along the ‘Green Line’, the border zone which bisects the old walled city of Nicosia and utilises photographs from those drifts in Cyprus from 2006-2011. Adil deploys photography, poetry and performance in order to consider how our conceptualisation of what autobiographical memory is, its forms, intensities, mutability and veracity, determine and are determined by the ghosts summoned up by mediation in speech, writing and photography. A sense of haunting and loss is produced in the performance by the remediation of objects and of remembered films and other random detritus of popular and high culture.

Biography: Dr Alev Adil is Artist in Residence and Principal Lecturer in media poetics at the University of Greenwich. Alev’s research into the poetics of political and private memory uses digital scenography to develop forms of ‘Expanded Writing’ that take writing off the page into shared digital and live performative spaces. Her academic publications include research into the poetics of memory and dreams, transnational literatures and literature in translation. Her poetry has been translated into Albanian, Azeri, Greek, Lithuanian, Romanian and Turkish. Alev also curates http// an online digital memory project and exhibition space for film, photography, writing and music.


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