research events

Jay Prosser (left) and Sahar Hamouda (right)

Dr Jay Prosser (left) and Professor Sahar Hamouda (right) at the Launch Workshop 21 June, 2013

Beginning in 2013 we are holding a series of funded events in the UK to bring together international academic experts, organisations and the general public to learn about, develop and explore examples of cosmopolitan exchange in the Ottoman Empire.  While the research is mainly conducted by academics, we are keen to discover and disseminate the many different popular forms of transcultural memory still practised today. Our events therefore involve novelists and poets, chefs and gastronomists, artists, architects and photographers, musicians and museum curators, journalists and activists. Scheduled events include:

  • Workshop #2: “Ottoman Memories: Transculturalism and Empires in Comparison”. Overlapping historically with other empires (British, French, Spanish, Hapsburg) and geographically abutting them, can the Ottoman Empire be studied in isolation?  What do we learn about Empires in comparison? (1 November 2013). For podcasts, click here, and scroll down to the appropriate event.
  • Workshop #3: “Visualising the Ottoman City” (28 March 2014). For podcasts, click here, and scroll down to the appropriate event.
  • “Transcultural Storytelling and Disputed Memories” with a performance by Kurdish storyteller or Dengbej, Suna Alan, accompanied by traditional musicians and introduced by ethnomusicologist Ed Emery. Concluding with a roundtable discussion brings together representatives from Arab, Armenian, Kurdish and Sephardi communities in London (29 November 2014)



4 thoughts on “research events

  1. Richard

    I am very interested in your focus in workshop #2. However, I am unable to attend it. Will you be publishing any workshop papers? I would love to have access to them, if possible.

    1. ottomancosmopolitanism Post author

      Many thanks for your interest Richard. We are indeed planning on publishing a selection of the output from the network and will be advertising when we do so. We will also be adding video clips of some papers onto our website. Keep an eye out for developments!


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