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Ottoman Pasts, Present Cities: Cosmopolitanism and Transcultural Memories AHRC Research Network; International Two-Day Conference
26- 27 June 2014, Birkbeck College, University of London
For pictures of the event alongside the CFP, click here.
Click here to view the Ottoman Cosmopolitanism Conference Programme.
Panelist podcasts appear in the same order as the programme.


Ulrike Freitag (Free University of Berlin): “Ottoman cosmopolitanism: Some conceptual considerations”


Karen Barkey (Columbia University): “Sharing Sacred Sites: The Ottoman Past and Transcultural Memories”


Edhem Eldem (Boğaziçi University): “Levantine Cosmopolitanism, Myth and Reality”


Claudia Roden (Chef, Writer and Cultural Anthropologist): “The Table on the Ottoman World”


Zoltán Somhegyi (Izmir University): “Multi-ethnicity as source of inspiration”


Sara Berti (Artist): “Discovering Kemeraltı: Ottoman Complexity Revisited by an Italian Artist”


Burcu Alkan (Bahçeşehir University): “Looking through the Hazy Mirror in Search for a Long Lost Cosmopolitanism”


Çimen Günay Erkol (Özyeğin University): “Ottoman Disintegration and Post-Ottoman Cities in Orhan Kemal’s Life Writing”


Bahriye Kemal (University of Kent): “Convivial Break-Through: Literatures on the Ex-Ottoman Walled Cities, Nicosia and Famagusta”


Alev Adil (University of Greenwich): “Ottoman Ghosts and Legacies: a drift through the Dead Zone in Cyprus”


Michalis N. Michael (University of Cyprus): “The Ottomanicity of a Multicultural Elite in Cyprus at the beginning of the 19th century”


Ayşe Ozil (Istanbul Bilgi University): “Land without a Mother: An Examination of Greek Personal Names in the Late Ottoman Cultural Space”


Pamela Dorn Sezgin (University of North Georgia): “Transcultural Memory: Reconstructing Late Ottoman Kadıkőy, a District in Cosmopolitan Istanbul”


Wendy Shaw (University of Bern): “A Family from Nevshehir”


Philip Mansel (Institute of Historical Research, London): “How Cosmopolitan was Ottoman Smyrna?”


Zbigniew Białas (University of Silesia): “A Cutting-Edge Environment: The Paradox of Kars”


Christopher Sheklian (University of Chicago): “Riding the Marmaray to the Armenian Hospital”


Detlev Quintern (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University): “Traces of Cross-Cultural Cosmopolitanism. The Constantinople diary of Ulrich Jasper Seetzen (1802-1803)”


Giuseppe Finaldi (University of Western Australia): “Italian paramountcy in Ottoman Tripoli: from the ‘Slap of Tunis’ to the Italo-Turkish War, 1881-1911”


David Low (Courtauld Institute of Art, London): “Shared Spaces, Collective Histories: Reconsidering Ottoman Photography”

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